National Read Aloud Day 2013… Are you ready?

Thursday the 31st of January 2013 Start A Library will be looking to break the record of children reading out loudly from the same text. What’s that like? As you read this, open your mind to the possibility of imagination.

Imagine the muddled yet thunderous din of youthful voices telling one story! This happened in June 2011 when 84,000 children were mobilized by StoryMoja in partnership with the British Council, Kenya National Library Service and the National Council for Children’s Services.

This year we are working with the Kenya National Library Service, the Kenya Human Rights Commission, Pamoja Kwa Haki and other partners to try breaking the June 2011 record.

In light of the National Elections to be held in March this year (when the rest of the world will be celebrating the World Read Aloud Day) Start A Library saw it not only practical but strategic to have the Read Aloud day in January as the text to be read will also sensitize the children and Kenyans at large to the advantages of working together as a people across various political divides.

The text to be Read Aloud is an extract from the book “Attack of the Shidas: AKAs Save the Planet Earth” by Muthoni Muchemi. The story is about how three children from different communities work to save the earth from aliens who were steal the most precious commodity – water. The text engages children while subtly teaching important lessons on conflict, tolerance and the power of unity. Timely is it not?

So please hold hands with us and support this impactful and worthy event in any way possible. For more information e-mail: